JAGRUTHA MAHILA SANGHATANE(JMS) is Dalit women agricultural laborers’ collective engaged in the protection and promotion of human rights of Dalit Women through socio-economic-cultural empowerment of dalit women and dalit communities in Karnataka. The principal focus of JMS mobilisation  been the social-economic and cultural empowerment of Dalit women agricultural laborers in Hyderabad Karnataka through the Community Based People’s Organization, JMS. Having its operational centre at Potnal village in Manvi Taluka of Raichur District the activities of the organization are spread directly in 25 Gram Panchayats of four talukas/blocks of Raichur district, viz. Manvi,  Sindhanur, Maski and Sirwar, covering 60 villages.


Social Justice, Equity, Dignity, Human Rights, Community Ownership and Participation, Solidarity and Sustainability


The vision of JMS is to build a just society without discrimination, social   injustice and violence


The mission of JMS  is to mobilise and empower Dalit Women to struggle against all oppression and   discrimination based on caste-class-patriarchy, and to creatively engage in reconstruction of social relationships, towards building social structures that enable  Dalit Communities in general and Dalit women in particular  to live a life of dignity.


The goal of JMS is to address structural violations of human rights of Dalit Women, manifested in the form of  caste-class-patriarchy based injustices and violence

This goal nencessitates simultaneously to work affirmatively towards  strengthening the human right of Dalit women and communities by adopting multiple and intersecting approaches such as using human rights framework/campaign, research, building action-reflection strategies, and address human rights violations of Dalit women by building a collective solidarity. As a human rights driven community based organisation (CBO), its larger goal is to build human rights consciousness and culture of social justice by way of human rights education and addressing human rights issues on a real-time basis.


In the drought prone district of Raichur in North Karnataka, JMS is striving to secure, protect and promote their social, cultural and economic rights with the following objectives as guiding principles.

  1. Facilitation of the building up of JMS into a vibrant agricultural and daily wage labourers’community based collective for defending the rights and dignity of the marginalised communities, especially Dalit women by addressing atrocities and violence against Dalit women.
  2. Ensuring access to basic services, entitlements and social security of  communities  as their fundamental rights as citizens and to reform  governance in the public institutions from the village to the district levels for their accountability to citizens.